Electra iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak to be Released in a Few Days

Good news on Wednesday for those who’ve been eagerly awaiting a jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1: the Electra Team announced that their upcoming jailbreak tool would be released in coming days. As it would seem, the Electra Team will use an in-house APFS bypass to solve the remount issue that was delaying the tool’s release. Now all that appears to be left is a bit of packaging and polishing before Electra 11.3.1 becomes readily available to the public.

After the news dropped, the official Electra website was updated with a status indicator that displays the team’s progress on the tool. As of this writing, the indicator is nearly full and displays the word “Packaging,” as shown below..

As we have mentioned previously, Electra iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak will also be a semi-tethered jailbreak like Electra iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. A semi-untethered jailbreak is similar to an untethered jailbreak, it gives the ability to reboot your iOS device on its own. On each boot, the iOS device startup sequence is unmodified and it boots into its original, non-jailbroken state. However, instead of needing to use a tool from a computer to re-jailbreak the iOS device again, like a tethered or semi-tethered cases, the user can re-jailbreak their device with the help of an app running on the iOS device such as the Electra app in case of Electra jailbreak.


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