Known bugs discovered in iOS 12 beta so far

After opening keynote at WWDC 2018, Apple unveiled iOS 12 beta 1 to the developers and if the initial response to the beta is anything to go by, it seems to be extremely fast even on older iPhones just as Apple had promised during its keynote.

 More interestingly perhaps, people are saying the beta build is relatively free of bugs, with hardly any major crashes. However, a beta is a beta and it is bound to have some bugs and issues. Below, we have collated a list of bugs that we have come across while running iOS 12 developer beta on our iPhones and iPads.

iOS 12 Bugs Discovered So Far:

  • Perhaps the biggest issue with iOS 12 is that a number of users are complaining about being unable to use the App Store as it is throwing a “Cannot Connect to AppStore” error.
  • Skype app might force close after logging in.
  • Popular EA games like Real Racing 3 might crash after launch.
  • Personal Hotspot feature might not work for everyone.
  • Notification badge is not working properly for many apps.
  • Dictionary feature is not available.
  • Fortnite is not working properly under iOS 12 for now.
  • There’s a keyboard glitch in Facebook Messenger if you switch between conversations.
  • Cellular icon is shown on Wi-Fi only iPads.
  • Keyboard suggestions overlap with each other in certain apps.
  • Certain banking apps are not working properly.
  • Settings app crashes when one tries to toggle certain notification related settings on/off.
  • Pandora app is broken in iOS 12 beta 1.
  • Safari suggestions are not working on certain iOS devices.
The new effects are not working in the Camera app in Messages.It is definitely impressive that iOS 12 does not have any major performance issues which are usually present in the first developer beta of a new OS release. The number of bugs also seem to be on the lower side. This clearly points to Apple focusing strongly on improving the overall performance of the OS and improving its stability than adding major new features to it. Nonetheless, if any of the bugs above are a deal breaker for you, its better you avoid installing iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad for now. Apple will likely take care of them in a future beta release.

If you've discovered an bug while using the first beta of iOS 12 don't hesitate to write it in a comment below so everyone can be able to know it.


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