Apple Seeds macOS 10.14 Mojave Public Beta 1 to Public Beta Testers

It’s official. The first public beta for macOS Mojave is now available to members of Apple’s Public Beta program. So too is the first tvOS 12 public beta. Both updates were first announced earlier this month.

Here are the major new features for macOS Mojave:
  • Dark Mode: Apple is finally introducing a proper Dark Mode into macOS. This will apply to apps, including Apple Music, the top menu bar, and other system-level areas.
  • Dynamic Desktop: The desktop will change in a dynamic way throughout the day, starting in the morning, and into the evening. The wallpaper will change based on the time of day, essentially.
  • Desktop Stacks: This will help with organization and sorting, allowing for items to be quickly stacked in more manageable digital piles. This is handled automatically.
  • Updated Finder: Finder is getting improvements, including the ability to see content in a new gallery view. It is also possible to view EXIF data in this new Finder as well.
  • Updated Quick Look: The Quick Look feature is getting a new Markup tool, which should allow for easy and accessible alterations when needed.
  • Continuity Camera: Apple is improving Continuity feature in macOS Mojave with Continuity Camera. Any app on your macOS that requires a camera input can trigger the camera on your iPhone. For example, if you need to add selfie to a picture that you are editing, you can use Continuity Camera to open the camera on your iPhone and take a photo. This photo is then immediately sent to the app on your macOS.
  • News, Stocks, and More: Apple is finally bringing apps like News, the Stocks app, and Voice Memo to the Mac.
  • Security Improvements: Apple is putting a greater emphasis on user data and privacy with macOS Mojave. Now, any app will have to explicitly request for your location, microphone, message history, iTunes device backups, system cookies, and more.

You can sign up for the Apple Public Beta online. This year’s program includes beta versions of macOS Mojave, iOS 12, and tvOS 12.


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