Snapchat’s Exclusive iPhone X AR Lenses Are Now Available

Snapchat on Friday launched a trio of iPhone X-exclusive lenses it promised months ago. They include a Mardi Gras-esque mask, a Day of the Dead skull and a gold-plated eye cover, The Verge said. Taking advantage of TrueDepth camera hardware and Apple’s APIs, the app tracks 50+ facial muscles in real time, including movements in the eyelids and mouth.

Unlike Facebook, Apple is masking all data that it is sharing with third-party developers regarding your face. Instead of sharing sensitive information, Apple only shares visual facial mapping data with Snapchat instead of the mathematical representation of your facial data which is encrypted and stored on the device itself.

If you own an iPhone X and are a heavy Snapchat user, go ahead and grab the update from the App Store.

Apple also strictly bars developers from using facial captures to profile users, deliver targeted advertising or sell that data to analytics companies and data brokers.


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