Gold iPhone X Images Leaked

The FCC appears to have leaked photos of an unreleased gold iPhone X. The document, filed by Apple back on September 8, 2017 and made available on April 2, 2018, is entitled,  "A1865_A1902_A1903_A1901_External_Photos_v1.1". The A1865 model is the GSM + CDMA iPhone X, the A1901 is GSM only, and the A1902 model is for Japan.

Apple didn’t launch that new color with the iPhone X earlier this month, and some believe the company may wait until later this year to launch the new shade for the lineup.

With the FCC filing, this does more to suggest that Apple was indeed planning on launching the iPhone X back in September (or, ultimately, at its launch in November) with the gold color scheme. However, do to reasons that we aren’t aware of, but what probably comes down to production issues, Apple wasn’t able to include the gold color with the launch lineup.


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