Apple Music Now Has 40 Million Subscribers

Apple Music has surpassed 40 million paid subscribers, according to Apple content director Steven Huon. That’s up at least 2 million from the latest number shared on March 12 by SVP Eddy Cue, during a SXSW conference.

Last month, while Cue was discussing Apple Music’s subscriber count, he also revealed that the music streaming service has around 8 million people utilizing free trials for the platform. There is no telling how many of that total will convert over to a paid subscriber once their trial ends, but it’s at least likely it will be a good chunk. And if these new numbers are any indicator, Apple Music’s growth will continue to skyrocket for the foreseeable future.

Our Take
Adding an additional two million subscribers in less than a month is pretty impressive, especially for a service that continues to add millions of paying customers on a regular basis. Still, Spotify isn’t going anywhere and still holds a gigantic lead on Apple. It will be fun to watch as Apple Music’s numbers continue to increase, and see how this helps push Spotify to compete in new and exciting ways.

Source: Twitter


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