Apple Disabling Ambient Light Sensor on iPhone 8 and iPhone X Units with Genuine Replacement Display

The aftermarket repair community is reporting that the iOS 11.3 software update renders touch functionality inoperable for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with a non-genuine display. One high-volume third-party repair shop told AppleInsider earlier this week that about one in three screen repairs done on the iPhone 8 family were having the problem.
The issue is present on phones running iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2, and iOS 11.3 which points to this probable fail-safe mechanism being present in the phones and OS right from their launch. A bit of digging indicates that the light sensor is disabled during the bootup process.

There’s no clear reason as to why Apple is disabling the ambient light sensor of all the various other parts. A third-party repairer said that its possible Apple could be using this as a test-case scenario before it starts linking various other components to the logic board thereby allowing them to be disabled if an unauthorized repair is carried out.

Manufacturers cannot force you to use their own repair services and those who try are basically breaking the law. “Right to repair” laws would compel consumer electronics manufacturers to provide repair manuals, spare parts and other essentials to the public.


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