iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9 [Drop Test]

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X are both made of glass. While the Galaxy S9 features a Series 7000 aluminum for its chassis, the iPhone X uses a stronger steel chassis. The Galaxy S9, however, is more durable than the Galaxy S8 as it features a thicker glass and its edges are slightly thicker as well to better absorb shock.

As the drop test by YouTuber EverythingApplePro shows, despite Samsung using a more durable aluminum on the Galaxy S9, it is simply nowhere near the durability of the stainless steel chassis of the iPhone X. The chassis on the Galaxy S9+ immediately shows scuffs and damage signs after being dropped from a height of around 3ft, while the iPhone X’s steel chassis holds up very well with no visible damage.

Here check the video: 
As you can see Samsung Galaxy S9 rear glass panel was the first one to crack after it was dropped from around “head height.” The iPhone X followed soon after as its rear glass panel broke when it fell on its side after a drop from a similar height. The front panel of both phones broke immediately after being dropped from around 6ft which is not surprising given the amount of force they were subjected to after being dropped from such a height.


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