Google Releases First Android P Developer Preview With Support for iPhone X-Like Notch Design

Google today previewed its latest major Android update, known as Android P. Aside from the more noticeable additions such as support for iPhone X-style notches, Android P includes some noteworthy platform advances. We’re particularly interested in Android P’s official support for the High Efficiency Image File Format, also know as HEIF.

As such, we heard previously that Google was already planning on introducing elements into Android P that officially supported the notch design that the iPhone X brought upon this world.

Android P comes with plenty of other changes, additions, fixes, and new features, including alterations to the way that notifications are handled, support for HDR VP9 Profile 2, and support for HEIC format — what Apple recently introduced as well.
All supported devices default to storing your photographs as .heic files upon installing iOS 11, unless you manually change your capture format in Settings → Camera → Formats.

On the Mac side, Apple’s stock apps like QuickTime, Preview, Quick Look and more can import HEIF-encoded images without any problems.

What do you think about Android adopting the notch?

[via AndroidBeat]


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