A Privacy Bug Related to Siri Can Read Out Third-Party App Messages Even When iPhone is Locked

Brazilian outlet Mac Magazine today reported (Google Translate) on a newly-discovered privacy bug (it affects all iOS 11 versions, including the upcoming iOS 11.3 update) that allows Siri to read hidden notifications from messaging apps on a locked device.

But, it looks like there is a privacy bug related to Siri that bypasses that lock screen security measure and allows for the digital personal assistant to read the “locked” message anyway. The issue was first reported by Mac Magazine, and they have verified that it works with iOS 11.2.6 and iOS 11.3. As it stands right now, this bug allows for any message that has been delivered by a third-party service, like WhatsApp, Telegram, and others to be read aloud.

The lone exception appears to be Apple’s stock Messages app, which Siri won’t read aloud unless the phone has been unlocked — either by Face ID, Touch ID, or the iPhone owner’s passcode.

To protect your privacy until Apple rolls out a fix, simply disable Siri access via the Lock screen: go to Settings Siri, then slide the Siri button underneath the Allow Access When Blocked heading to the OFF position.

The change coincided with the iPhone X introduction, which defaults to permitting the user to simply glance at their phone in order to unlock it and reveal previews of notifications on the Lock screen. That behavior can be set on other iPhone and iPad models as well.


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