How To Fix Telugu Character Bug Crashing Messages App on iPhone and iPad

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, then you might’ve caught wind about a severe bug that crashes iPhones and iPads when a particular Telugu character gets sent or received in emails or text messages.

Official Fix is Coming Soon

Apple has announced that they’ll release an update for iOS, watchOS, and macOSthat takes care of this issue. It will be a small, incremental update that will see the light of the day before iOS 11.3 release.

How to fix Telegu Messages Bugs

We've tried a different solution that might works with you. 

STEP 1: As your friend to send a message using plain text.

STEP 2: Keep your iPhone open and unlocked. You’ll see the notification for the message come in as a banner. Tap on it.

STEP 3: Quickly hit the Back button to go back to the list of conversations.
STEP 4: Find the conversation which includes the Telegu character, swipe left on the thread and tap on Delete.

Jailbroken Users

If you have a jailbreak on your iOS Device then you are so lucky as you can use a newly jailbreak tweak called NotTodaySatan by iOS developer Zack Hankewycz comes in.

The tweak takes a smart approach to prevent these hindrances from occurring. It replaces all instances of the forbidden character with the placeholder text “❌Removed❌” instead. That said, any jailbroken device with this tweak installed on it becomes immune to unethical pranksters.

Given the immense gravity of the situation, we’d recommend that every jailbreaker go ahead and install this tweak to protect their device. After all, it might save your jailbreak from being lost forever under unfortunate circumstances.

The tweak is available for download for free at Cydia store via BigBoss repo.


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