Apple is Now Selling Refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 Units in Online Store

Apple has updated its [US] online store with refurbished Series 3 models of Apple Watch. Customers in the market for the wearable, which just launched in September, can pick up a GPS-only version for as little as $279.

The options are limited, to say the least, at the time of publication. In both variants, only the Space Gray and Gold Aluminum are available to buy. Apple has each color listed in each specific size, but if you want a Space Gray in 38mm, you just need to click through the Space Gray 42mm option, then, on the next screen, select the specific size you want. You can do the same for the Gold Aluminum option, if you want the 42mm option.

Apple is offering 13% off the 42mm variant, priced at $309.00 as a refurbished unit, which is a savings of $50. Meanwhile, you’ll save 15% off the 38mm Apple Watch Series 3, which is priced at $279.00. That is also a savings of $50.

It bears repeating that Apple’s refurbished products are highly regarded by customers. They are tested, certified and include a full 1-year warranty. Watch models include a magnetic charging cable and come in a new white box.


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