Apple is investigating iPhone X’s incoming call bug

A number of iPhone X owners have been experiencing delays while receiving incoming calls. They report that the display on the handset can take as much as up to 10 seconds to turn on after the phone initially starts rining.

Apple is investigating iPhone X’s incoming call bug
The Financial Times on Monday highlighted this issue, which prevents the caller ID for an incoming call to be shown for a significant time, as did Indian blog PiunikaWeb.

Both outlets linked their reports to a few threads on Apple’s Support Communities forum where hundreds of disgruntled users are complaining about the iPhone X screen delay, which in some cases can last for ten seconds when a phone call comes in.

“ Whenever I receive an incoming call in my iPhone X, ringtones start but the display comes in after 6-8 seconds,” says one user on Apple’s support forum.

Apple has confirmed that it is looking into the issue, though it failed to give a timeframe as to when users should expect a fix to be out. Its unclear at this point if this is a hardware or a software issue. Some affected iPhone X users were given a replacement unit by Apple and the problem persisted on them which likely points to it being an underlying software problem.

Have you been hit by this unusual bug?


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