Samsung Galaxy S9 Will be Announced at Mobile World Congress

Samsung, the most popular Android smartphone maker, on Wednesday confirmed that it will be launching its next-generation Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones at Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona, Spain from February 26 through March 1, 2018.

As for what we can expect, Samsung isn’t saying anything right now. Rumors have pointed to the Galaxy S9 offering a slight change in design cue over the Galaxy S8, at least as far as the fingerprint reader is concerned. On the Galaxy S8 the sensor was to the side of the rear camera, which was seen as a negative for the handset. Rumors suggest Samsung will move the fingerprint sensor below the camera housing, so it should make it more comfortable to reach.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9+ is said to have a dual-camera setup on the back, similar to the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. We will also see improvements to the display, the processor, maybe more RAM, and other key improvements over the Galaxy S8 lineup last year.



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