Apple Likely Replacing the MacBook Air This Year with New 13-Inch Entry Level MacBook

Apple might replace its aging MacBook Air lineup, which only received minor CPU updates in the past few years, with an all-new MacBook model outfitted with a thirteen-inch screen.
It is believed that this new 13-inch MacBook will replace the 13-inch MacBook Air, which is immensely popular in the markets due to its cost. The MacBook Air has been around for quite some time now, and while Apple tried to replace it to some extent with the 12-inch MacBook, the Air continued to be popular in the markets.

Perhaps a sub-$1000 MacBook Air replacement is just what Apple needs right now. It seems like the company has been planning this for quite a while, with the MacBook Air models featuring more or less the same features since 2015, which is when the lineup was last upgraded. The company increased the CPU speed of MacBook Air models last year, although this cannot be considered a major upgrade.

With the ultra-light, ultra-thin twelve-inch MacBook, however, my biggest concern is not the oft-criticized keyboard, but the overall speed and the fact that its CPU and GPU are slower than those in my Air. As much as I’ve been wanting to make a switch to the MacBook lineup, I’m not ready to do that until it’s at least as powerful as the current Air models.



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