iOS 11.1.2 and below LiberiOS Jailbreak released

Developer Jonathan Levin who made LiberTV jailbreak is here again but this time we've an iOS 11 jailbreak tool called LiberiOS. This initial release is intended for more advanced users only,asit does not yet bundle Cydia.

The popular package manager, or more specifically Cydia Substrate which it leverages to inject tweaks, is not yet updated to deal with the new techniques in the iOS 11 jailbreak. LiberiOS also does not yet include offsets for all devices and firmwares, with some of the earlier iOS 11 versions unsupported. If you’d like to accelerate the process of supporting your device, Levin has provided instructions on how to help him add compatibility.

So how do you jailbreak it and how does the tool work?

Using LiberiOS follows the same procedure as all recent jailbreaks. Install the official .ipa via Cydia Impactor from a computer, trust the app in Settings on your device, then run the app and hit Do It.

. I advise you read the page before using the tool, as it answers many questions you may have, outlines hazards, and includes the developer’s future intent, for example:
“Code injection/tweaks/Cydia WILL be supported. But only when I’m certain it’s a stable jailbreak, and not failbreak material… Happy Holidays! And no, we’re not done yet. More to come. Just not now.”
Early reports suggest that apart from missing offsets and lack of Cydia the tool has an excellent success rate, though more users will provide a clearer picture of its stability. If you feel comfortable giving it a try, I’d be interested to know your experiences. If you’re not comfortable using SSH and fixing any problems you may have, I’d recommend sitting it out for a few days until a more complete version is released.

You can download it from here


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