Apple Rumored to Acquire Music Recognition Service Shazam

Apple is “close” to acquiring the popular media identification service Shazam in a transaction initially valued at a reported $400 million, making it among Apple’s largest-ever deals.

Bloomberg learned Friday that a deal for the London-based startup may close on Monday.

Shazam is also a well-resourced app, being able to quickly integrate with popular apps that let you listen to music, like Apple Music. With the integration between the two, you can quickly use Shazam to recognize a song and then open Apple Music to start playing it. You can then save it to your own streaming music platform of choice, and in most cases there will also be an auto-generated Shazam playlist, which will save your searches for you.

As it stands right now, a deal is expected to be finalized soon. If that is indeed the case, an announcement could be made as soon as Monday of next week. What that would mean after the fact is certainly an interesting thing to consider, especially with as high-profile a presence that Shazam has.


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