Some iPhone X Owners Facing Activation Issues Due to Network Congestion

It looks like that number of iPhone X users are facing troubles activating their devices. Number of reports on Twitter, Reddit and MacRumors forums, some people like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman are experiencing iPhone X activation issues that yield a warning message saying “Could Not Activate iPhone”.

As noted by MacRumors, the issue appears to be congestion on AT&T’s network, which is causing a problem with activations or some iPhone X owners. Some customers have had to restart their device, some have simply made the activation process go through successfully by trying it multiple times.

One forums poster detailed how they called Apple, tried their troubleshooting efforts, and then ultimately called AT&T. The customer support rep informed them that the “servers are slammed,” and offered up another alternative fix that ultimately didn’t work. However, connecting the iPhone X to iTunes did the trick, and even went a couple of steps further in one shot:
“I called Apple. As another person posted, they had me shut down (hold the large button right side, then swipe to shut down) and restart (hold large button right side). It still didn’t work. Told me to call AT&T, which I did. They confirmed their servers are slammed but gave me the automated activation phone number. I called it, system said it was activated (!) But still no joy on the phone itself.

I swapped SIMs with my prior phone…still no joy.

Connected to iTunes and after having to restart the process several times owed to errors (guessing servers getting slammed) I was FINALLY able to get it going – in fact it update to 11.1 and restored from an iOS 11.1 back up in one shot.”
Some AT&T customers were given the automated activation phone number that responded with a message saying the phone had already been activated. The majority of complaints are from AT&T and Verizon customers, indicating a possible issue with a carrier backend.

If this problem persists, you’re advised to contact Apple Support at


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