Some iPhone X Owners Experiencing a Green Line on the Display

Some iPhone X owners are reportedly seeing an annoyingly distracting green line developing spontaneously on the handset’s Super Retina display, indicating a possible hardware defect.

According to a new report from MacRumors, at least 20 customers have shared photos of this display problem across the Apple Support Communities, Twitter and MacRumors’ discussion forums.
 Some owners have said that shutting down their phone and restarting doesn’t change the problem, but can actually make the green line change positions. For most, it appears as a vertical line that extends the entirety of the screen.

The issue isn’t just on a specific model, either, with both the 64GB and 256GB variants affected. Unit issues have cropped up in Poland, the United States, Canada, and other countries where the iPhone X is available as well, so it’s not a region issue, either.

According to customers who have gone into an Apple store and spoken with employees, their iPhone X has been exchanged for free. Apple is reportedly collecting data on the issue, too. Still, as it stands right now, Apple has not officially commented on the issue just yet.

Has your iPhone X exhibited this issue?


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