Microsoft Essentially Confirms Windows Phone Is Dead

Joe Belfiore, the head of Microsoft’s mobile business, admitted in a series of tweets Sunday that the Windows Phone platform is basically dead in the water as the company was no longer going to develop new features or hardware for Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, however, confirmed that the company will continue to support the platform with bug fixes and security features. Those words are only meant to act as a consolation for enterprise users though. This move from Microsoft will likely force many companies using Windows Phone to look elsewhere and plan their roadmap accordingly. Worse, the short lifespan of the OS would have likely led to the confidence of such enterprise customers in Microsoft being completely shaken up.

“Of course, we’ll continue to support the platform. Bug fixes, security updates,” reads one of his tweets. “But building new features and hardware aren’t the focus.”

He said in another tweet that Microsoft couldn’t interest developers to write apps for Windows Phone. “We have tried VERY HARD to incent app developers,” reads that tweet. ”Paid money. Wrote apps for them. But volume of users is too low for most companies to invest.”

Microsoft has switched to a cross-platform cloud-first approach. The company is now making its apps and services available on iOS and Android with strong integration with Windows to ensure an optimum experience for its customers. The company has already brought many of its Windows Phone features to iOS and Android through its apps like SwiftKey. More recently, the company announced that it is bringing Edge, the stock browser on Windows and Windows Phone, to iOS and Android.


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