iOS 11 bug prevents calculator app from doing this simple calculation

Since Apple released iOS 11 a few months ago it has been a very powerful operating system for all iOS devices. However, today a new iOS 11 bug was discovered that prevents the calculator app doing a calculation as simple as 1+2+3.

Many users on Reddit put the blame on the long animation time which is not automatically cancelled when there is a user input like it should ideally happen. Now that this bug has been discovered, Apple will likely end up fixing it with the iOS 11.1 update which should drop later this month.

Now, it is unlikely that many people use the iOS 11 calculator app on a daily basis. As it is, many people prefer using other advanced calculator apps available on the App Store since the stock app is pretty barebones. Nonetheless, that should not be an excuse for Apple to let such a simple bug slip by in its testing.

So what's your opinion?



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