Apple Stops Signing iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11; Downgrading No Longer Possible

Apple on Wednesday stopped signing both iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11.0, the first official public release of iOS 11 since the software came out of beta on September 19th. With this change, it’s now impossible to downgrade iOS 11 devices back to iOS 10.

Since there was no jailbreak available for iOS 103.3, this move is unlikely to affect users interested in jailbreak. Apple used to regularly stops signing older firmware versions to prevent downgrading and keep users on the latest firmware possible. It’s also a measure to thwart jailbreaking, which often requires an older firmware version where Apple hasn’t patched the vulnerabilities used in the jailbreak process.
This news isn’t too significant for jailbreakers considering there isn’t a public jailbreak for any firmware newer than iOS 10.2, but it still underscores how Apple isn’t letting up on efforts to put everyone on the latest firmware possible and keep them there.


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