Apple Pay now supports Eftpos cards from ANZ in Australia

Throughout the following year, Apple Pay support expanded throughout the country, first supporting Visa-branded cards from the ANZ banking group, and then, later in the year, adding support for MasterCard-branded debit and credit cards. And now another major expansion is underway in Australia.

Eftpos is Australia’s most-used debit card network, and today it officially announced that it now supports Apple Pay. With the new support, Eftpos says that 1.6 million people now have access to Apple’s mobile payment option, which is a huge boost for the company and should be a welcomed addition to those in the country. The fact that Apple Pay didn’t support Eftpos to begin with is said to be one reason why the mobile payment option hasn’t taken off in the country.

Eftpos’s acting CEO, Paul Jennings, took some time to comment on the new partnership with Apple, which has been going on for quite some time with the ANZ banking group, saying that a huge group of customers now has the opportunity to use Apple Pay in Australia:

“About 1.6 million ANZ eftpos Access cardholders now have the opportunity to make payments on an iPhone or Apple Watch, many of whom may not have had the opportunity to make in store mobile payments before. As Australia’s most used debit card network, we are thrilled to be providing ANZ eftpos Access customers with more payment choice, with added benefits of enhanced security and comfort.”



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