These iPhone 8 Renders Look Like Apple Marketing Shots

We’re only a few weeks away from Apple’s September event that will serve as a launchpad for Apple’s highly anticipated tenth-anniversary handset. While the rumors have mostly revolved around possible hardware advances for the OLED iPhone model, one aspect has remained largely overlooked thus far: how Apple could market iPhone 8.

The images were posted to Instagram and Behance by designer Quinton Theron who says, "In this concept I envision the new iPhone 8 would look like. This model is based on current rumors and speculation molded around my own design."

The latest rumors claim that Apple abandoned an in-screen Touch ID which appears on Quinton’s renderings but that doesn’t make his iPhone 8 vision any less stunning.
 For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that recent rumors have suggested that the OLED iPhone will arrive in just three colors—Black, White and a new hue that’s “closer in copper” in its color and visually similar to Rose Gold devices.



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