New The Rock x Siri Ads Show Off Translation and HomeKit

Apple on Friday released a pair of new Siri mini-ads featuring Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.

Titled “Leg Day” and “Do Not Disturb” and available through the company’s official YouTube channel, the latest commercials highlight Siri’s HomeKit and language support, arriving hot on the heels off three Siri videos with The Rock from a few days ago.
“It might be leg day, but Siri and HomeKit are doing all the heavy lifting here. #ROCKxSIRI.”
The second ad is similar insofar that it’s a slight variation from a similar scene in the longer film, but with a slight tweak to promote another Siri feature. In this case, it’s translation. In the Film, Johnson falls through a giant mechanical spider thing, kicks his way out of it, and then says, “This one’s for earth.” In this shortened version we get to hear Siri do some translation work, one of the standout features for the digital personal assistant:

“Yes, The Rock speaks Mandarin. Is he just showing off? A little. Would it be showing off if we said Siri can understand over 20 languages? Definitely. But we did it anyway. #ROCKxSIRI”


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