iPhone 8 in ‘Copper Gold’ Revealed in Renders and Dummy Unit

iPhone 8 is said to come in three colors—Black, Silver and Gold—and The Loop’s Dave Mark today was forwarded interesting images of some dummy units originally received by Ben Miller, who works for a publisher that owns a site that sells iPhone repair kits.

Starting with Geskin, we’ve got a pair of renders that he shared via his Twitter account (@VenyaGeskin1). The first is a front-and-back render (pictured above), showing what the front of the handset will look like with its edge-to-edge OLED display, the “notch” design, and very minimal bezels. Meanwhile, on the back, there’s that dual camera setup, oriented vertically, and the familiar Apple logo. The second render Geskin shared looks more in line with Apple promotional materials, and it looks strikingly shiny, too.
Meanwhile, Ben Miller (@bensen) has a dummy unit of the iPhone 8 in Copper Gold, and it shares that similar sheen as the render, due in part thanks to the glass back. The key difference with the dummy unit and the render, though, is that the render has a black front for the notch design, and the dummy unit has a white notch design. The devices do look quite a bit different with just the simple color change up front.
 We’ve seen this notch design more than a few times now, and, thanks to the HomePod firmware we can expect it to be the final design Apple goes with for the upcoming flagship smartphone. Based on this design are you looking forward to the iPhone 8?


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