iPhone 8 Could Mute Notifications When the User Is Looking Directly at the Screen

There will be more, a whole lot more to that sophisticated 3D sensor that should come outfitted on the OLED iPhone than originally thought, with a new discovery indicating that Apple’s tenth anniversary phone might suppress notification sounds if you’re looking at it.

The code that begins with “TLAttentionAwarenessObserver” talks about how notification sounds will be muted when the user is focusing on the display. One would assume that this feature only works when the display is on.

That said, a switch in Settings to turn this cool feature on or off would be much appreciated. For example, people who disable banner notifications may want to turn this feature off in order to be alerted with a sound when a new notification comes in.

Are you excited for this particular iPhone 8 feature, and why? If it proves real, is this something that you may want to use on a daily basis or perhaps turn off completely?



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