How to Enable hidden Dark mode on iPhone in iOS 11

Dark mode gives your iPhone a very gorgeous look but until now we don't have official dark mode. Thankfully in iOS 11 there is a new hidden accessibility feature that gets us really close to what we want to see. The new Smart Invert feature inverts UI colors like the background, buttons, text but it leaves off media like images, icons and other assets.
You can now use this feature as a makeshift dark mode. It works wonderfully in stock apps like Phone, Messages, App Store, Settings and more.
So shall we start ? 

How to enable dark mode on iPhone in iOS 11

STEP 1: Go to Settings---->General--->Accessibility

STEP 2: From there, tap on Display Accommodations.

STEP 3: Now select "Invert colors". 

STEP 4: From the next screen select "Smart invert". 

How to Add Smart Invert Shortcuts

As this is an accessibility feature, we can quickly get to it as a shortcut by triple clicking the home button or using the new Accessibility Shortcuts control in the new customizable Control Center.

STEP 1: Go to Settings---->General--->Accessibility

STEP 2: Scroll to the bottom and select Accessibility Shortcut.

STEP 3: On the next screen, tap on Smart Invert Colors.

Now, when you triple click the Home button, you’ll see the Smart Invert option right there.

So after trying the hidden dark mode in iOS 11, what's your thoughts about it ? 


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