How Should Apple Embrace the Notch Design in the iPhone 8?

Taking Steven Troughton-Smith’s findings regarding iPhone 8’s resizable, auto-hideable virtual Home button and a split status bar on either side of a notch at the top of an OLED display, user interface designer Maksim Petriv took it upon himself to imagine how popular apps like Apple’s Music, Instagram and Twitter might embrace the notch and look like running on iPhone 8.

 Until then, we’ll keep an eye on those renders and dummy units, and go back-and-forth about what Apple should do and shouldn’t do.

It’s an interesting thing that we’re still discussing what the iPhone 8 might look like, too, especially considering the HomePod firmware seems to have confirmed the “notch” design ahead of the official unveiling. Then again, we’e all seemed to simply accept the notch design even before the firmware surfaced, and it’s mostly about how Apple will utilize that design in the end result.
Below, left to right: the Lock screen, App Store and Siri.
If there’s a version of iPhone 8 white an all-white front face, this is what it could look like.
“Some of you asked if I did landscape mockups,” Petriv wrote. “Here is a video player mockup.”
The Home button remains hidden when playing video, just as Troughton-Smith has discovered analyzing the HomePod firmware code, while the rest of media controls are visible.

“If it weren’t for the iPhone glyph I might even suggest that the Home button could look identical to the notch,” he tweeted. “A notch on the top, and a notch on the bottom,” he added.


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