Here's the Metrics for the iPhone 8's Split Status Bar

Aside from discovering that iPhone 8’s virtual Home button might be resizable, as well as automatically hide and show as needed, iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith has uncovered alleged metrics for a split status bar at the top of the phone’s OLED display.

These are the metrics used by the status bar on the edge-to-edge iPhone, including notch height and ear width. Designers, have fun, the redesigned status bar would presumably include standard indicators such as Wi-Fi and cellular signal strength, current battery charge level and, possibly, other items.
It’s just a mockup that may or may not depict the real thing. With so many iPhone 8 leaks based on a botched release of HomePod’s version of iOS, we really are not sure anymore if Apple is trolling us so it’s advisable to apply healthy skepticism to these reports.


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