Samsung to Resume Producing Apple A-Series Chips in 2018

Samsung Electronics has not been building Apple-designed mobile chips for iPhone and iPad for almost four years now, but the South Korean conglomerate is rumored to be sharing Apple orders with rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) from next year.

According to a report Tuesday in The Korea Herald, Samsung has invested in a new manufacturing facility for churning out chips fabricated on the more energy efficient seven-nanometer process technology solely for iPhone.

Since Samsung is already supplying OLED panels for the iPhone 8, it makes sense for Apple to offer further manufacturing responsibility to the company. Samsung is the sole supplier of these OLED panels, which seems to have reinstated Apple’s faith in the Korean manufacturer.

TSMC has also begun testing the 7nm chips earlier this year. Samsung, on the other hand, has seemingly begun buying components required for 7nm processors. Reports suggest that Samsung acquired extreme ultra violet lithography machines for this very purpose.

“Samsung plans to complete its own tests for the new chip-making machines soon and seek final approval from Apple for the chip production,” reads the report.

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