Report: LG Will Be the Sole Supplier of iPhone 9 Batteries

A new rumor Friday from the Korea Economic Daily, citing an unnamed source in the chemical industry, alleges that Apple has chosen LG subsidiary LG Chem as an exclusive supplier of L-shaped two-cell batteries for next year’s iPhone model, tentatively named “iPhone 9”.

According to the machine-translated version of the Korean-language report, LG has already poured hundreds of billions of won in battery manufacturing facilities, with volume production kicking off early next year ahead of iPhone 9’s supposed launch in the fall of 2018.

Reports have pegged that LG will produce L-shaped batteries for the iPhone 9. Interestingly, Apple is expected to use a similar battery with the upcoming iPhone 8, which is expected to offer significantly improved battery life, especially in tandem with the OLED display. The change in shape will apparently allow for the battery to be charged faster as well.

It is being said that the new L-shaped batteries are slightly larger than conventional rectangular batteries used on current-gen iPhones. As a result, Apple will have to make some adjustments to the PCB mainboard to accommodate the new battery. We expect to hear more about the newly forged partnership in the months to come.


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