Can an Apple Grow a Forest? [Video]

We’re more than three months past Earth Day but that didn’t stop Apple from posting a brand new, whimsically animated Earth Day video to its YouTube channel yesterday.

Titled “Can an apple grow a tree” and narrated by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, the video says Apple wants to responsibly manage nearly one million acres of forest by 2020.

“Lisa Jackson, Apple’s lead on Environment work, and a group of colleagues went out to dinner one night,” reads the video’s description. “They ate, drank and came up with a plan to ensure almost one million acres of forests are responsibly managed by 2020.”

“At this point over 99 percent of the papers and fibers we use are responsibly sourced or recycled,” said Connie Yang, who works in packaging product design at Apple.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first video to be published for Earth Day, well after the fact. Apple published an “iPhone reincarnation” video back in May of this year, just over a month after Earth Day came to a close for the year, so this new one isn’t alone in being completely out of the blue. You can go right here if you want to check out the first batch of Earth Day 2017 videos Apple published back in April.

So what do you think ?


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