iOS 11 Gets Less Intrusive Volume HUD [Image]

One of the most interesting changes in iOS 11 that hasn’t been talked about at all during Monday’s WWDC 2017 keynote is going to make a lot of you happy: the volume indicator on iOS 11 no longer obstructs the center of the screen obnoxiously.

Previously, when adjusting volume levels, a large overlay appeared in the center of the screen blocking content. Now, a smaller, less intrusive overlay appears at the top right of the display.
The iOS 11 video player has controls for subtitles (including YouTube’s auto-generated subtitles), AirPlay and more. Plus, it supports full keyboard control so you can control video playback with more than a dozen shortcuts via your physical wireless keyboard.
Google’s mobile YouTube app also recently updated its video player with a thin volume slider positioned unobtrusively at the very top of the currently playing video.

So what do you think?


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