iOS 11 Finally Lets Your iPhone Auto Answer Calls!

Many iOS 11 features seem to be inspired by the jailbreak community. Among them, a brand new call audio routing option in accessibility settings that allows you to set your iPhone to automatically answer incoming calls on your behalf, should you wish so.

This optional feature supports regular calls via your carrier’s mobile network, as well as Wi-Fi calls, FaceTime audio and video calls and any VoIP calls originating from third-party apps that use Apple’s CallKit framework, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and more.

In order to enable this feature, simply go to Settings > Accessibility > Call Audio Routing you can set where audio will be heard during a phone call or FaceTime audio call. Tapping 'Auto-Answer Calls' lets you enable the automatic answering of calls after a set amount of seconds.
I can see myself using Auto-Answer Calls a lot, not just while jogging with my AirPods or working out with my PowerBeats in my ears but also in other situations when interacting with the phone may be impractical, like driving a car or swimming with my Apple Watch on.

How do you like this nifty new feature in iOS 11? When iOS 11 releases publicly later this fall, will you be using this new auto-answer call setting, and why?


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