Apple Working with Young Startup Health Gorilla To Make iPhone a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Medical Records

Apple is teaming up with a tiny startup called Health Gorilla to bring comprehensive clinical data to the iPhone, reports CNBC. The goal is to integrate with hospitals, imaging centers and lab-testing companies to make data such as blood work accessible from the smartphone.

The startup was co-founded by CEO Steve Yaskin, Alex Minkin, and Andrei Zudin, and has raised $5 million in funding so far. The startup aims to replace the “costly process of ordering medical diagnostic tests, radiology studies and medical consultations with an elegant mobile solution.”
Sources told CNBC that Apple is attempting to solve this “interoperability” problem by making the patient the center of their own care. The goal is to give iPhone users the tools to review, store and share their own medical information, including lab results, allergy lists and so on. That’s a deviation in strategy from Apple’s current health efforts, which have focused on aggregating fitness information like the number of steps taken during the day or hours of sleep.
Apple is hoping its new partnership will allow it to solve the long-standing interoperability problem by putting patients in charge of their own medical information. This will enable hospitals to access vital data at the point of care, cutting down on missed diagnoses and other errors.


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