Apple demos new watch faces for Apple Watch on watchOS 4

Apple today unveiled watchOS 4 with new watch faces including a new Siri watch face that makes it easier to view relevant information by using Siri and machine learning.

As things come up, the Siri watch face updates automatically with information related to your apps or your activities.

It uses information like Frequent Locations and upcoming events to provide you with an always-changing experience that updates in real-time.

Apple also introduced a new kaleidoscope watch face and new Toy Story-themed watch faces that join the existing Mickey Mouse watch faces, which take advantage of three characters from the popular Pixar movies.
Activity and Workout App

The Activity app is getting an update with watchOS 4 and will now show recommendations and suggestions depending on your workout history. The Workout app has also been enhanced and now lets one quickly start a workout tracking. Apple has also created a custom algorithm to track High Intensity Interval Tracking which is becoming more popular with time.


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