Apple announces new iMac Pro "The most powerful Mac ever made"

In addition to unveiling macOS High Sierra and updates for the iMac and MacBooks, Apple today announced the new iMac Pro. It looks a lot like the current iMac, but it comes in an awesome Space Gray finish and Apple says it’s the “most powerful Mac” they’ve ever made.

 The new iMac Pro will feature workstation class internals and comes with a redesigned thermal design for optimum thermal dissipation.

As for internals, Apple says that it will be shipping the iMac Pro with 8-cores, 10-cores, and 18-cores Xeon processors. It will be available with up to 128TB of RAM and 4TB SSDs. On the GPU front, the iMac Pro will be making use of AMD’s Vega GPU featuring up to 16GB of VRAM. The company will not be using the base Vega GPU as the GPU inside the iMac Pro will feature up to 11 TeraFlops of horsepower. It will also come with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and 10gigabit Ethernet port.
Other specs of the iMac Pro includes dual SSD modules, SDXC card slot, Wi-Fi ac support, and more. And unlike the regular iMac, the iMac Pro will be available in Space Gray color.

The new iMac Pro starts at $4,999 and will be available in December. We’ll update this post with more information as we receive it.


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