Upcoming Apple Watch Again Rumored to Feature Smart Bands and Glucose Monitoring

Apple is reportedly working on a “game-changing” diabetes treatment technology for Apple Watch Series 3 which will allegedly use interchangeable “smart watch bands” said to contain specialized built-in sensors.

A report from BGR states that Apple is currently working on a glucose monitoring feature to be baked into the hardware.
“It has been rumored that Apple is interested in glucose monitoring, and it appears that the time may now be right. Previous rumors have stated that Apple might only be able to achieve this through a separate device that might complement the watch, however BGR has learned that this might not be accurate.”
Currently, the only way to properly measure blood sugar levels is by using a blood sample or a device that penetrates the skin. That could change soon, if these reports are anything to go by.

Last week, CNBC learned that the Cupertino company has been developing non-invasive sensors that would continuously monitor blood sugar levels.

CNBC says Apple hired consultants to deal with regulatory approvals, yet another indication that these smart Apple Watch bands with built-in sensors could in fact see the light of day.


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