This iOS 11 Redesign With Dark Mode, Inspired by Apple Music App [Images]

There is nothing much better than concepts! Today we've got a new iOS 11 concept shared by  Filipe Espósito of iHelpBR. It's inspired by the new Apple Music app and features a dark mode, something which Apple has been secretly been working on.

The various colors in translucent backgrounds and super fine fonts have been replaced by monochrome backgrounds, larger elements and thicker fonts. But in addition to imagining what all iOS would look like in this style, we decided to imagine once again the much talked about "Dark Mode". Last year, we created a Dark Mode concept for iOS based on the WWDC 2016 application. Although the feature was not released by Apple, internal iOS 10 codes indicate that this is actually being tested by the company - and we hope That comes with iOS 11. 

Below you are going to see group of iOS 11 concept and how it looks like:

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