The best and worst places to buy an iPhone 7

Deutsche Bank’s annual “Mapping the World’s Prices” report is out in which strategist Jim Reid compares prices for a range of common commodities across the world. This includes even the iPhone. In the past, the report has revealed just how much more expensive the iPhone can be in certain markets of the world due to additional duties and taxes that are levied there.

“If you find yourself on holiday in Turkey, Brazil, Russia or Greece, try to avoid the Apple Store as iPhones are 25-50 percent more expensive than in the United States,” cautions strategist Jim Reid. And he’s right.

Here’s what an iPhone 7 costs in Apple Stores in the following 33 countries:
  1. Turkey—$1,200
  2. Brazil—$1,115
  3. Russia—$1,086
  4. Greece—$1,028
  5. Poland—$1,005
  6. Italy—$995
  7. Czech Republic—$994
  8. Norway—$993
  9. Denmark—$986
  10. Sweden—$982
  11. Portugal—$973
  12. Finland—$973
  13. Ireland—$973
  14. New Zealand—$972
  15. France—$962
  16. Spain—$962
  17. Netherlands—$962
  18. Belgium—$962
  19. Austria—$951
  20. Germany—$951
  21. Mexico—$941
  22. Australia—$926
  23. India—$902
  24. China—$899
  25. United Kingdom—$898
  26. Switzerland—$886
  27. The Philippines—$885
  28. Singapore—$874
  29. Canada—$855
  30. Malaysia—$846
  31. Hong Kong—$821
  32. Japan—$815
  33. United States—$815

Deutsche Bank has obtained the prices from official Apple websites and online retailers. “In the absence of official prices via the websites, we have used prices from online retailers and news websites,” cautions Deutsche Bank.

It’s important to note that US prices exclude the sales tax because it differs from one state to another. Online prices in the United Kingdom and other countries include the sales tax so that’s something to keep in mind when comparing local iPhone prices to those in the US.

As Business Insider explains, that’s due to the combination of political instability in the country and the big ramp in US dollar appreciation against global currencies after Donald Trump’s win smashed Turkey’s Lira currency  late last year.

 So from which place you are going to buy your next iPhone from?


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