JPMorgan Analyst Says There’s a ‘High Likelihood’ Apple Will Preview iPhone 8 at WWDC 2017

Multiple analyst reports and rumors have asserted that Apple’s Tenth Anniversary iPhone, or iPhone 8, is going to be delayed because of manufacturing issues related to new components, but we still don’t know by how long. A pair of conflicting reports from JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank offer very differing opinions regarding the handset’s potential availability.

Basically, JPMorgan is telling clients that there is a “high likelihood” that Apple will announce iPhone 8 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference next month. On the other hand, we have Deutsche Bank which on Sunday put out a research note, based on a questionable report from ValueWalk, saying iPhone 8 won’t land until 2018.

Up to this point the general consensus, while unable to really get a grip on features or specs of the upcoming iPhone 8, has been that Apple will showcase the iPhone 8 (along with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus) in early September. After that? Well, that’s anyone’s guess at this point, with the latest suggestion being that Apple may miss the 2017 launch date altogether and push the iPhone 8’s release to 2018.

As for evidence for the analyst’s report, there isn’t any. JPMorgan simply states that investors should expect weaker summer sales due to the fact that Apple is going to show off an iPhone no one will be able to buy for several months after the fact.

It’s certainly an interesting analyst report, especially considering what Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said yesterday regarding a “pause” in iPhone sales the company has seen recently. Cook, for those who missed it, said that Apple has noticed a pause in iPhone sales, and added he believes it’s happening because there has been a flood of news reports and rumors (and analyst notes!) regarding the upcoming iPhone 8. So, folks are inundated with news about a really high-end flagship iPhone coming down the pipe in late 2017, so they’re essentially waiting to buy an iPhone until then.

“JP Morgan’s Rod Hall first suggested iPhone 8 could be previewed at WWDC,” Business Insider’s Kif Leswing wrote on Twitter this morning. The analyst is claiming that the Cupertino firm will preview its OLED-based iPhone in June ahead of its launch in the fall (in what KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo said would be extremely limited availability).

Considering that consumers usually hold off on buying a new iPhone until they see the new model, Cook’s remarks have merit and the fact that he actually blamed the hype machine for “a pause” in iPhone sales is pretty remarkable, if you ask me.


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