How to Re-Sign iOS 10.2 Yalu Jailbreak Automatically Without a Computer

Now that Extender Installer has been released for Cydia Extender on jailbroken devices, we’ve had a few requests for a quick guide on how to use it. Look no further! Follow our how-to below to ensure your jailbreak app never needs sideloading from a computer again. At last, your semi-untethered jailbreak is truly semi-untethered.

Extender Installer is an amazing tweak that automatically re-signs the Yalu 10.2 jailbreak as soon as it expires, without requiring you to do it manually. This is a great time saver as you no longer have to use your computer every time you want to re-sign the Yalu jailbreak. This tweak does it automatically without requiring you to do anything from your side.

How to Re-Sign iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Automatically with Extender Installer

Step 1: Open Cydia and go to the Sources tab.

Step 2: Tap on Edit > Add, and then add the following repository:

Step 3: Once added, search for Extender Installer and install it.
Step 4: Once your iPhone respring, you will notice there is a newly installed app on your iPhone's home screen. Launch "Extender"  Navigate to the More tab, and sign in with your Apple ID.
Step 5: Next up, you’ll find an option in the More tab that says ‘Re-sign Application When’. This allows you to specify when apps should be signed automatically.

That’s all you have to do to set up Extender Installer and have it re-sign the Yalu jailbreak automatically along with other apps that you sideload. From the Installed tab, you can view all the apps that have been sideloaded onto your device as well as the last time you signed it. Whenever the Yalu jailbreak or a sideloaded app is re-signed automatically by Extender Installer, you’ll get a notification.


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