Design Student Envisions a Revamped Apple Music App for iOS

After he got turned down for a dream internship at Apple, Northwestern University design student Jason Yuan took matters into his own hands, deciding to teach Apple a thing or two about good user interface design. The result of his endeavor: beautiful mockups of a completely overhauled user interface for Apple Music.

Yuan explains in a post on Medium that the current Apple Music design is not well-suited for people without massive music libraries who prefer to listen to curated playlists.
At first, I was frustrated — Northwestern University doesn’t offer any sort of undergraduate graphic design program, so whatever growth they were looking for would have to be self taught. But as soon as I came to this realization, I became inspired to embark on what became a a three-month long journey to the holy grail — the iOS app that Apple Music deserves.
For me, this was an opportunity to really dig my teeth into UX research and design, an excuse to spend way too much time on Sketch and Principle, a reason to bore everyone around me with my notebook of crudely drawn wireframes.
Lastly, Yuan made some changes to the Apple Music home screen. He rightly removes the Downloaded Music tab, since it seems pretty redundant. The font style and the size have been reduced as well. The album art for the music in your library has been shrunk a tad bit, giving more breathing room on the screen. Yuan claims that Apple Music’s Connect tab serves no real purpose than to act as a half-baked version of Twitter for celebrities. He strongly feels that furthering integration with existing social networks is the way to go. The Radio tab is also removed in favor of a new Watch tab, perhaps to accommodate Apple’s upcoming TV shows.
Jason Yuan mentions that this was only a pet project and that he would get a “heart attack” if anyone at Apple actually saw this. He merely wants to pitch the idea to the world that a service this popular can be made better with a couple of changes. You can catch some other updates made by Yuan at his Medium page from the link below.

How do you like Yuan’s user interface ideas for Apple Music?


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