Apple Launches “Today At Apple” Educational Program Worldwide

Announced last month, a series of revamped educational sessions, headlined as “Today at Apple”, launched on Wednesday at Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores globally, with more than 4,000 classes being offered each day this week. The new sessions have been available at Apple Union Square since the store opened.

“Introducing Today at Apple—inspiring and educational free sessions happening every day at Apple,” said the iPhone maker, adding that “inspiration is now in session”. While content varies from one store to another, the 495 Apple Stores around the world are expected to offer “Photo Walks” and “Kids Hour” sessions by May 20.

Apple’s retail outlets have always been more than just a place where it can sell Macs and iPhones, but this focus on educating customers on how to use their new software or hardware is something that Apple excels at, with “Today at Apple” only seeking to push Apple’s strength to the next level. And, of course, if you happen to decide to pick up anything from a new iMac to an inexpensive iPhone case while you are in there, then Apple will be only too pleased to take your money.


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