Apple launches second betas of iOS 10.3.3, macOS 10.12.6, watchOS 3.2.3, and tvOS 10.2.2

Apple has released iOS 10.3.3 beta 2 to developers for testing. The build number is 14G5037b. Also Apple released second beta of macOS 10.12.6, watchOS 3.2.3, and tvOS 10.2.2.

No significant changes can be spotted in any of these betas at this time, signaling that these simply feature the usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements, which is not surprising considering WWDC 2017 is just around the corner.

Notes and Known Issues
● Managed and Shared Devices: The ability to update devices from a remote server is in development and may not yet work as expected.

● openURL: When a third party application invokes openURL: on a tel://, facetime://, or
facetime-audio:// URL, iOS displays a prompt and requires user confirmation before dialing.

● SOS: SOS is only supported in India.

● WebKit: Safari now supports the prefers-reduced-motion media query. This query allows a web developer to provide alternate page styles for users who are sensitive to large areas of motion.
Users can change their preference for reduced motion in the Accessibility section of System Preferences.


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