Springtomize 4 tweak coming for iOS 10 in a few days

When it comes to customizing almost everything in iOS, then probably the best jailbreak tweak you can have is Springtomize 4.  Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, Bigarella has now given us our best indication of when an iOS 10-safe version of Springtomize will arrive, and with the tweak being such an integral part of the jailbreaking experience for a number of years, we expect that there will be a lot of people eagerly awaiting its release.

If you are not already a Springtomize user, then this is the tweak you have been missing. Capable of giving users almost instant access to the customization of many, many different aspects of iOS, this is one tweak that plenty of jailbreakers actually jailbreak their devices for.

What makes this new version of Springtomize so exciting, beyond the support of iOS 10, is the fact that its developer has actively been seeking out ideas for new features and functionality that could be added to the tweak prior to its release, as we mentioned when we detailed work on its beta release earlier this month. If new things have been added to an already exceptional tweak, then we think this updated version of Springtomize will be the best yet, and that’s very exciting indeed.
 Bigarella made the announcement on Twitter:

Springtomize 4 is coming to iOS 10 in a few days. Get ready to customize your device like never before.


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