iPhone 8 Case Leak Shows Vertical Camera Layout, Touch ID Sensor at Front

This morning, Twitter account KKSneakLeaks posted an image of what appears to be a protective clear case for iPhone 8 created by Chinese manufacturer Beyond. The case is most likely based on leaked iPhone 8 schematics, alleged technical drawings, claimed production diagrams and CAD models.

Since the case also lacks any kind of cut outs at its rear, it debunks rumors and reports of Apple placing the Touch ID sensor on the rear of the iPhone 8. Instead, this possibly hints at Apple sticking to the decision of embedding the Touch ID scanner into the display of the iPhone 8 despite production woes being faced by its vendors. With the iPhone 8 still a few months away from its launch though, it is always possible that Apple backtracks on its decision and ends up moving the Touch ID scanner to the rear of the device.

Other aspects of the case look similar, with the Lightning connector and speaker cutouts being placed at the bottom. It is not possible to make out the dimensions of the iPhone 8 from the photo of this leaked iPhone 8 case.

Early iPhone case leaks usually turn out to be pretty accurate, though it is always possible that we are just looking at a dummy case here that was made based on the various iPhone 8 renders out there. It is also possible that this iPhone 8 case is based on one of the many prototypes that Apple is testing for its upcoming handset.

The rear curve of the device was described as being slightly gentler and a bit rounder to give the device’s top, bottom, left and right edges deeper curves resembling the original iPhone.


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