iPhone 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8 [Drop Test]

The first Galaxy S8 drop test is here, folks, and the news isn’t exactly surprising. The phone has a great design, and it’s probably been thoroughly tested in Samsung’s labs, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be accident-proof. Dropping the all-glass design from a considerable height will result get you exactly the results you anticipate: The glass will shatter, and you’ll have to take the phone in for repairs.

 YouTube channel TechRax has uploaded a video about what happens when you take a Galaxy S8 and Apple’s new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and pit them against a smartphone’s mortal enemy; a concrete floor.

The Galaxy S8, who’s actually the phone you might be interested in right now, was unable to survive a 5-foot drop either. When it landed on the screen, the Infinity display shattered. And while the phone did work after the accident, it clearly needs repairs.

However, when dropped face down, Apple’s iPhone 7 couldn’t come through it unscathed and walked away with a smashed, but still functional, screen. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 managed to do a full flip reverse and actually prevent itself from landing glass down, which ultimately meant that the display wasn’t cracked and that it would likely walk away from the drop test as the victor. That’s a notch in the durability belt for Samsung. So what do you think?


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