Apple to Start Building its own Power Management Chip for iPhones by 2019

Apple may be working on its own power management chip for the iPhone, according to Bankhaus Lampe via Reuters. The company is reportedly developing a battery-saving chip that could replace Dialog's power management integrated circuits (PMIC) by 2019. Dialog shares fell 36% this morning but are now down 15% from yesterday.

Bloomberg reports that Karsten Iltgen, an analyst from German investment bank Bankhaus Lampe, says in a note to the clients onTuesday that there is a “strong evidence” that Apple is working on its own power-management integrated circuits solution that will effectively replace the chip made by Dialog Semiconductor “at least in part”.

It’s highly likely that Apple is gonna make this shift to its in-house power management solution in the short-term. But, Dialog’s market share has seen a sharp decline and hit their lowest price in over 16 years following analyst’s prediction that the company could lose Apple as its key buyer by 2019.

“We hear from the industry that about 80 engineers at Apple are already working on a power-management integrated circuit with specific plans to employ it in the iPhone by as early as 2019,” reads the analyst’s note.

Starting with iPhone 6s, which was released back in 2015, Apple started using fewer chips on the logic board to improve the overall power consumption of the device. It started using two accelerometers in iPhone 7 lineup to further achieve improvements in power management.

The news follows an announcement from Imagination Technologies that Apple has given them notice that it will stop using their GPU technology in 15-24 months.


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